Well-balanced exposure to the cryptomarket

The fund is focused on investing in efficient portfolios of specific areas, DeFi strategies, and wide supporting of the most promising early-stage projects

Who we are

Cosima Capital is the crypto fund that brought together professional managers and analysts who have many years of experience in capital and cryptocurrency markets. The key features of our team are partnerships and friendly contacts with key global blockchain players, which we have developed since 2017
About us
About us


Our funds consist of particularized ETFs on DeFi, Metaverse, Smart Contract Ecosystems etc., as well as actively managed Blockchain Fund, which covers all the aspects of crypto market, including early-stage projects, staking and farming
How it works
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  • 03 Money transfer
  • 04 You get a percentage of the total performance and gain exposure to all our past and future investments, according to your share of the fund
  • 05 We do our best on engaging into the best deals on the market
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