• Profit generating vehicle for investors through the best crypto projects

    Our crypto story began in 2017, when we started investing personal capital in blockchain projects.
    Over the years, we have formed a pool of business contacts that allows us to be in the loop on the best ideas and projects. Personal experience grew into professional, that’s how Cosima Capital company was born.
    We provide investors, even outside the blockchain market, with the opportunity to make money on the most promising crypto projects, which can only be accessed by professionals in the early stages, as well as professional management of already established cryptocurrencies.
    We provide capital to projects that stimulate the emergence of new technologies, make the world more transparent and convenient. As a result, good projects take a place in the market, generating profit for investors.
    Email us if you want to know all the possibilities of investing your capital in the blockchain market
  • Cosima Capital

    The personal capital of the Cosima Capital team participates in the fund alongside with investors'. Therefore, no conflict of interests and huge motivation to outperform. This approach and our experience formed the main values of the company
    • Professionalism:

      Successful investment decisions are possible due to the right combination of specialized education, relevant experience, and professional contacts
    • Integrity:

      Dynamic balance in business, respectful relationships with colleagues and partners, balance of power and scope, honesty and fairness in every situation
    • Transparency

      Justification of each investment decision, openness to any client’s question about the fund activities and principles of portfolio formation. We work in a clear and reasonable investment approach
  • Invest, changing the world

    Our mission is to catalyze the process of increasing efficiency and transparency of financial, technological and logistical etc. operations. We want to support projects that change the world, and make it a better place to live in